Method 1:

Uninstall RegClean program from the control panel and check.

Refer to the link.

Uninstall or change a program


Method 2:

Run the Microsoft fixit from the link.

Fix problems with programs that can’t be installed or uninstalled


Method 3:

I would suggest you to download and run the latest Microsoft Safety Scanner on your computer and check if it helps:

Note: Any data files that are infected may only be cleaned by deleting the file entirely, which means there is a potential for data loss.


Method 4:

Let’s test the issue in safe mode.

Refer to the link.


If it works fine in safe mode, perform clean boot.

NOTE: After troubleshooting, revert the computer to start as usual (Refer to “Step 7” from the link mentioned above)



Reference Link:

Support Ends April 8th, 2014

XP-Home Computer SuppIf your computer is running on anything older than Windows 7, it’s time to upgrade. Microsoft is suspending its support for Windows XP in April 8th, 2014, stopping all Microsoft security updates.

Software vendors are also likely to withdraw their technical assistance soon after, so this is the best time to ensure you’re not left behind. XP will still work, of course, but it will quickly become impossible to protect it from the countless bad guys on the internet.

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Data Back-up

What would you do if the computer containing all of your business and/or personal information crashed and your entire data  suddenly vanished?
What would you do if your computer was lost in a fire, destroyed in a flood or stolen at hotel?
Backup your data. you can save into cloud storage


Google Drive:

Just Cloud: Just Cloud

Drop Box:


12 free cloud storage options:


Onsite Services

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